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What Mitophonic is All About

Welcome my friend. I’m Miro Tommack and I’m the founder of Mitophonic.

If you’ve ever wondered: “How can I make money from my music? Even if my time is limited. And where can I find actionable advice that gets me results?”, you’re in the right place.

Mitophonic is my mission to help result-oriented musicians build a brand around their music and transition into a profitable full-time music career.

I develop new innovative marketing ideas, mindset strategies, or management tricks hand in hand with artists and other music industry professionals that have to deal with this stuff every day. 

My result-oriented mindset strategies, actionable productivity tips, and resourceful band marketing advice is why more and more independent artists from all over the world subscribe to my mailing list.

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How Mitophonic Can Help You Build Your Music Career

Most musicians think: “To succeed in the music industry, all you need to do is create great music. (And people, labels, or else will find you, eventually.)”

If only it were that easy…

This approach is like playing the lottery.

I witness how artists fail every week.

And that’s where Mitophonic comes in.

This blog is a place for independent artists and producers who are really committing to their music career.

I show you the exact tips, strategies and techniques you need to start making money and to transition into a full-time music career. 

But behold, patience is the key.

(Sad, but that’s the truth.) 

So, ain’t no fluffy “instant result” advice. Just extremely actionable advice that works.

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About Miro Tommack

Mitophonic was founded by me, Miro Tommack, a freelance mix engineer living in Aachen, Germany.

As a life long learner and musician, my passion for helping independent musicians has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where I studied teaching), to playing music as a DJ in clubs, to being a music director at a radio station, to promoting events, to public relations teams. 

After spending over a decade in the music industry, I finally created a place where I could meet with like-minded people from all over the world. It’s a place where I can share all my knowledge and experience with other artists—and learn from them.

If you’re looking for the truth about what it takes to build a profitable music career without the help of a label or outdated beliefs, then you’re going to love my way of thinking and teaching.

Oh… and just so you know: This stuff works. Either I’ve tested and proven it myself, or I’ve had some helping hands. And the best way to get all of my advice and strategies is to join my mailing list.

See you on the other side!


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